Painting & Printing

Block Printing

Block printing is a very simple technique and offers the opportunity to create a range of different artworks from the one template.

  • Provide students with a small square of light cardboard approximately the size of a quarter of an A4 sheet.  Along with this additional card for cutting up. 
  • Students cut the additional card into shapes and glue onto the square of card to form a desired image or pattern.  This gives a relief effect
  • The first artwork that can be produced from the finished template is a rubbing - students use rubbing crayons and placing paper over their card rub the surface to reveal the relief image or pattern.  This rubbing can be further extended by using light washes over the top - see below left.* The rubbing technique can also be used over different coloured papers such as white and metallic rubbing crayons over black paper gives an   interesting outcome.
  • The second work is to roll paint over the surface of the cardboard relief template and print onto paper.
  • This print can then be used to create other work as seen in the samples below.