Mixed Media Upper Level students

We created portraits from students taking a selfie and transferring this onto a white clay body then created initials in relief. These were glazed and fired and timber panels used as a backdrop to allow for individual inspiration

Coil Bowls - Upper Primary

  • Using a plastic bowl as an armature place newspaper or plastic wrap within the bowl.
  • Roll small coils and place within the bowl and throughly blend the coils together(ensure that the bowl is labelled and transferred to the bowl).
  • As the clay dries to the point that it is self supporting the plastic bowl is removed and the paper pulled away.  Under Glazes may be applied in the next art session, a gloss placed over the top, and the clay fired to 1100 degrees.  Only one firing is required for this work.
  • For display purposes we have used mirrors to allow the viewer see both the decoration within the bowl and the beautifully executed coil decoration underneath.
  • See more individual bowls below and not the extension of this project - the creation of a bee hive.  This has been developed by inverting the bowl and we have kept to the natural terracotta colour with a touch of gloss for detail.
For full details on this project including the understandings and skills involved, assessment and reflection notes and resources watch out for our catalogue unit.