Making Witches

This construction project uses very simple and inexpensive materials and allows for individual interpretation.

Materials include: Electrical Wire / Masking tape / Aluminium Foil / Scissors / Black Cotton Fabric or Calico / Small amount of filling / Glue / Decorative materials

  • Students use the electrical wire to create the framework of the figure as shown.
  • The main body is created using a small amount of padding either foam or fabric over the wire.  The Head is constructed by placing a ball of fabric in between the wire of the head and covering this with a piece of fabric and tying underneath.  A small foam ball could be used instead.
  • The completed figure is then covered with aluminium foil
  • The black fabric is then cut or torn into strips and the strips are dipped in glue (in this case Paverpol was used).  A strong wood type glue would be fine, maybe watered down a little for ease of use.
  • The glue dipped strips are wrapped around the figure until it is all covered.
  • We used found materials for the broomsticks and made the hats out of black cover paper.   Muslin is also useful for capes or additional layers.

How to make them:

  • Use two sheets of A4 paper
  • On one sheet create a pattern using oil pastels and on another use paints.  Decide on which artwork will be in Cool colours and which will be in Warm colours
  • Choosing one of the completed sheets outline your hands and cut out
  • Position these onto the contrasting sheet and fix at varying points to create depth as shown
  • This project can be transferred other work such as:
  • Autumn Leaves on a Sky background - as example
  • Warm coloured patterned Fish on a Sea background
  • Butterflies or Flowers on a Sky background