About Me

Combining the role of both teacher and community artist Jeanette Jennings extends students learning outside the usual boundaries.  She has over many years worked closely with community groups and local governments to produce a diverse range of public works of art often involving up to 1200 participants. As an artistic resource she provides teachers and art educators in the broadest sense, the opportunity to take their students work to another level; from curriculum based examples through to public works that can be installed in school grounds or broader community spaces.

Jeanette Jennings is a passionate advocate of public and community arts, particularly with their integration into art education in schools.  She has a Fine Arts Degree, majoring in sculpture and ceramics, and a Diploma of Education to teach and work with children and adults across all levels and community groups.  Jeanette has made her mark in teachers’ education through:

  • Providing consultation to educators across all sectors of the educational system both overseas and throughout Australia.
  • Providing educational resources throughout the educational system both through personal consultation and through educational journals and curriculum based products.  A publication by Melbourne University “education in the arts” – teaching and learning in the contemporary curriculum profiles a case study of her art program. Two recent films developed by Contemporary Arts Media as educational resources profile her collaborative approach to Public Art and provide a step by step guide for educators.
  • Speaking and lecturing at Universities at both National and International conferences
  • Working across a broad range of community based groups including extensive experience with Local Government Authorities, Business groups and practical local artisans
  • Providing hands on practical workshops for teachers through Art Education Victoria and other curriculum authorities
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