This project provides a link with both drawing and collage and uses a broad base for skills and artistic terminologies. These include:

  • The study and development of Pattern work
  • The understanding of Warm and Cool colours
  • Fine motor skills in manipulating the materials
  • The use of contrast in an artwork using both colour and a change of medium.

How to make them:

  • Use two sheets of A4 paper
  • On one sheet create a pattern using oil pastels and on another use paints.  Decide on which artwork will be in Cool colours and which will be in Warm colours
  • Choosing one of the completed sheets outline your hands and cut out
  • Position these onto the contrasting sheet and fix at varying points to create depth as shown
  • This project can be transferred other work such as:
  • Autumn Leaves on a Sky background - as example
  • Warm coloured patterned Fish on a Sea background
  • Butterflies or Flowers on a Sky background