Exhibitions Portfolio

It's A Small World

This exhibition has been based on the small creatures that inhabit our world.  The students have enjoyed celebrating the magic of fairy toadstools, glistening large scale ants, giant ceramic snails and much more.  We were lucky enough to have an incursion with the 'Bugs Alive' section of the Museum and study first hand many of the insects we have explored.

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Light & Reflection

Performance of The Night

This installation is based on the drama of performance bathed in the night light of the theatre.  It makes an analogy with the nocturnal creatures that play out their real life dramas in the darkness of the night

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Under The Sea

This exhibition takes the viewer on a journey from the shore line to the depths of the ocean and Neptune's table.  It features giant jelly fish through to lobsters and imaginary fish.

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Wizard Of Oz

This project included the expertise of Artist Antionette Bonnici in the construction of our large witch and scarecrow.